pame / api_bbox_for_countries_dateline_safe

APIs metadata, documentation and preview (only available if no parameters are required ).

Returns the bounding box in WKT format for the countries passed as pipe separated ISO3 country codes

This function needs some compulsory parameters to be displayed, please read the documentation of this function.
Use the API:

If functions' parameters are not compulsory try to call the function without arguemnts:

If function parameters are compulsory, put them after the last slash separated by commas if more than one:,forcepositive=
Optional Arguments

Filter returned fields in the url query using field names separated by comma, eg:,field_name2,...

Limit returned records in the url query using the limit parameter, eg:,forcepositive=?limit=100
or remove the limit argument to display all of them (might take some time for large datasets).
By default limit is set to 50 records.

Please read the comment on function on how to use properly this API or for parameters default/examples values.